Cherry Blossom blooming

Can’t reject to shoot these flowers on this beautiful day.

40 years old Cherry tree in blossom at my carpark
40 years old Cherry tree in blossom at my carpark

Fortunately, I can see adorable cherry blossom from my balcony. We Japanese really like to see cherry blossom blooming and that is called “Hanami (花見) party”. Most classic way of Hanami is sitting in the park ground with beer cans and snacks. Some of my friends from oversea had been pretty surprised to see so many Japanese drunk in public park middle of day this season, and they loved to do that later by them selves. If you looking for real estate in Japan, nearby cherry tree could be another value!?

Cherry blossoms are in bloom for only 1 – 2 weeks as longest. There are some real windy days in this season, flowers are easily blown away.  Some “Hanami heads” chases cherry blossoms from south to north in every weekends. Because Japan has some climate zone, so when flowers finished in Kanto region (including Tokyo) then off to Tohoku region, they can catch up flowers like surfers of Endless Summer movie.

One thing that I hate in Japanese landscape is ugly electric wire. They should be in the ground or hidden by other way. Hope those electric wire disappear in near future.